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At the heart of Altiam CX is a commitment to authentic human connection. The agents we hire exemplify attentive, customer-first engagement.

Great CX starts with outstanding agents.

The populations where we operate are significantly bilingual and have a strong cultural affinity with the U.S., having consumed North American entertainment and products throughout their lives.

We believe in taking care of our own, and that the employee experience powers the customer experience. That’s why we invest in Whole Health benefits offering onsite medical, mental health, and nutritional care for our people.

Our Altia Smart City work environments provide walking access to affordable meals, entertainment, and institutes of higher education where many of our candidates study.

We also invest in employee development through education, training, and growth opportunities.

Momentum and Innovation

Our Operations and Leadership teams are comprised of highly experienced CX-industry veterans with deep experience in a range of outsourcing arrangements.

We continuously push boundaries in search of new, better ways to make a lasting impression on your customers. Our attentiveness to client goals and investment in your success shows up in a proactive approach to every client collaboration.

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FAQs - Nearshore Customer Experience, including Seasonal Support

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What is CX?

CX, in short, is every interaction with a clients’ customers, whether by phone, email, chat, video, SMS, or social media—and can involve a sale, support, complaint, or question. Most importantly, every interaction should be focused without exception on meeting the customer’s needs to inspire the greatest satisfaction possible.

What is Nearshore CX?

Nearshore CX is providing fantastic customer experiences without any discernable deficit in quality and performance, from a cost-advantaged location that is not far from North American customers.

Why is CX Important?

Great experiences play an enormous role in whether customers are happy and a business succeeds and thrives, rewarding owners and shareholders.

How Can Altiam CX Help?

Altiam CX specializes in creating nearshore outsourcing environments that match our experienced CX talent with clients to help them save money, work more effectively, and be able to focus on growing their core business.

What Industries do you serve?

Altiam CX is adept at tailoring CX teams for such industries as e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, legal services, education, automotive, apparel, online marketplaces, home services, and consumer software. We also have experience and understanding for a wide range of client segments, from startups and fast growth tech companies to small-to medium-sized businesses and large brands.

How do I get started?

Complete the contact form to begin your nearshore CX journey.

What is Quick Ramp Seasonal Support?

Flexibility is a key characteristic of Altiam CX services. This includes our ability to ramp up and down quickly according to clients’ seasonal needs.

What are some of the advantages of nearshore seasonal support?

Using a nearshore solution for seasonal support is even more cost effective than a domestic solution. Better yet, the quality of this seasonal support is even higher.

What industries work best for nearshore seasonal support?

Industries with seasonal spikes in demand are best suited to seasonal engagements, especially retailers for holiday support, healthcare-related companies for annual enrollment support, and financial companies for anything related to tax filing deadlines or financial accounting.

What’s different about Altiam CX nearshore seasonal support?

The Altiam CX difference lies in our cost advantage and the quality of our talent. Our exceptional staff offers the same quality as a domestic workforce and often performs more productively.

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