Designed for the Unique CX Needs of the Emerging Startup

Our Entrepreneurial Focus

Altiam CX was founded by venture capitalists with the needs of VC-funded companies in mind. We’re no strangers to the peaks and pivots that make rigid partnerships risky propositions. That’s why we offer market disrupters staffing and CX solutions nimble enough to change course quickly.

Our limited client commitment requirements open the door for startups to provide loyalty-inspiring customer experiences while keeping their options open. And saving 40% or more on top-quality staffing never hurt a growing business.

Flexible Engagement Terms

Find out about our month-to-month service agreement option for dynamic, young organizations. We understand that business factors can change without notice, so we make things easy for you when it happens.

Experience as an Added Value

Our day-to-day operations team monitors more than performance data; they act as thought partners and advisors to the client-side managers we work closely with, offering guidance to achieve greater outcomes.

Let Altiam CX fill the gaps in your business to keep you moving onward and upward.

Mixed-Skill Teams
Nearshore Cost Advantage
Hassle-free Outsourcing

Let Altiam CX fill the gaps in your business to keep you moving onward and upword

Nearshore Cost Advantage
Scalable Small-Team Solutions
Seamless Language & Cultural Alignment

Loyalty-Driving CX & Talent for Every Industry

Altiam CX is uniquely positioned to deliver loyalty-inspiring customer experiences and skilled talent solutions for businesses across all industry verticals, including automotive, retail, digital commerce, legal, and technology.

FAQs - Emerging Startup

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What defines an emerging startup?

Startups are typically venture capital-funded, intent on raising capital and prioritizing growth. However, their technology-focused leaders often and think digital solutions will work for customers. Once limitations arise and more complex customer needs emerge, startups can benefit from a partner with the management expertise required for day-to-day CX operations.

What are some of the CX needs of an emerging startup?

Unprepared for the requirements of effective CX operations, startup companies often need a solid partner that can offer scalable solutions for CX and especially manage CX teams effectively.

How can Altiam CX meet these needs?

Altiam CX offers startups the same expertise that more mature and larger companies typically receive. We tailor CX solutions to every client’s needs, and at a significant cost advantage compared to domestic CX providers.

What are the advantages of Altiam CX’s nearshore CX for emerging startups?

In addition to fantastic quality, Altiam CX offers its startup clients major flexibility. Acting as a CX incubator, we include a 30-day break clause in our contracts. For start-ups that have uncertain futures or need to quickly pivot in different directions, there’s significant value in being able to discontinue service after 30 days.

How do we get started?

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faster launch


lower agent attrition


operational cost savings

* vs. 2023 U.S. outsourcing averages

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