Nearshore Support enables Specialized Healthcare Service Provider to improve CSAT by 41%


An orthodontic system and service provider was challenged by their existing customer support processes. Specific problems included unacceptable CSAT scores, overly long patient handoffs, patient onboarding, new customer enrollment rate, and response lag time for dental offices.


The client hired an experienced nearshore-located Altiam CX employee to onboard new patients, manage their orthodontics process, and keep records of progress.


41% Improvement in CSAT, now consistently achieving 4.95/5 from 3.5 and exceeding target

25% Reduction in patient handoff time (from 28 to 21 days)

50+% Reduction in patient onboarding time (from 8+ to 4 days)

50% Increase in monthly volume of patients added to database (250 to 377)

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