Health/Wellbeing Company Improves Support Responsiveness by 60%


Customers were dissatisfied with certain products and the overall customer experience, and the client was not fully aware of the specific reasons behind this. Areas of concern included: • High Ticket Response Times exceeding 24 hours. • Insufficient product feedback about issues impacting consumers, leading to high refunds, cancellations, and returns. • No Visibility on Ticket Volumes: Inadequate tracking and analysis of incoming tickets.


Altiam CX improved data capture and generated actionable product analytics as agents approached support ticket resolution with enhanced professionalism. Streamlined interdepartmental communication and more efficient escalations made it possible to use personalized feedback to resolve issues while improving order and shipping efficiency.


65% Response Time improvement from ~20-24hours to ~7 hours

99% Positive customer satisfaction on all interactions

Successfully answered and resolved 3600k+ tickets/emails during the first six months of relationship

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