Why is Altia Smart City Such a Good Place to Do Business?

Ruth Torres

Manager, Human Resources
, Altiam CX
February 9, 2024
min read

Altia Smart City is the ultimate business solution; a technology-driven, purpose-built hub that focuses on innovative hi-tech development for BPOs, ITOs, and other outsourcing industries who seek to re-shape the future. Here are some specific reasons why Altia Smart City and its location in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, are a great fit for Altiam CX clients:

Cost Advantages: Honduras has the lowest labor costs in its area, besting Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Mexico, for example. Being located Altia Smart City ensures a lower and more predictable cost structure than in many Latin American countries.

Free Zone Status: Altia Smart City is the first free zone in Honduras, specially designed to meet the needs of the outsourcing business.

Performance-supporting Campus: A convenient and well-designed work environment contributes to higher levels of performance. Altia Smart City includes a recreation/dining center, Altara shopping area, the Unitec University, and nearby healthcare facility.

Stable and Reliable Infrastructure: Altia Smart City has been designed with obsessive attention to systems and reliability. Reliability is a core function spanning energy, water, HVAC, access, telecom, fire protection, ambient sound, security, multiple-layered energy backup, and sound masking.

Strong Bilingual Population: Honduras’s bilingual population aged 18-35 is estimated to be 83,000, and San Pedro Sula has more than 32,000 bilingual inhabitants.

Effective Support Team: Altia Smart City Support is available 24/7 and provides extra services to support the success of Altiam CX and our clients, including legal services, recruitment, customer experience, maintenance, IT, and Marketing.

Sustainability Commitment: Altia Smart City is an intelligent, autonomous, self-sufficient project, anchored in technological innovation and sustainability, and in particular, through myriad energy and water saving measures. Solar-generated energy that helps to reduce the campus’s carbon footprint is only one of the features that show commitment to the environment.

Talent Pool: Altia Smart City offers a trained talent pool at worldwide competitive costs, saving our clients time and effort in recruitment and training.

Stellar Uptime Record: Altia Smart City's state-of-the-art infrastructure also ensures reliable and secure IT operations, reducing downtime and enhancing performance.

An earlier blog discussed the significant advantages of nearshore business outsourcing, especially in a location as convenient as San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

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