Tailoring Outsourced CX for Fast-Growth Tech

Bernie Lillis

Senior Vice President, Sales
, Altiam CX
November 28, 2023
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How Altiam CX Tailors Nearshore CX and Team Extension for Fast-Growth Tech Clients

This conversation with BPO industry veteran Bernie Lillis, Senior Vice President, Sales, Altiam CX, touches on the considerable appeal of nearshore outsourcing and how Altiam CX enables fast-growth tech clients to maximize their benefits from it. The advantages center on a world-class San Pedro Sula, Honduras-based operational hub in Altia Smart City, as well as Altiam CX’s expressly designed ease of engagement and adaptable terms that ensure clients have maximum flexibility. Read below to learn about how Altiam CX is creating a new model for nearshore team extension and CX.

What’s the best way to define companies in the fast-growing tech space?

Given the advent of different, powerful technologies led by AI and other automated processes, fast growth tech companies really can encompass any vertical industry. They can be retail, banking, or insurance, to name just a few options. The utilization of technology to make those companies’ customer interactions more seamless would really define any company as a fast-growing tech company.

What makes Altiam CX a great fit for these companies?

Our fit for companies in this space really involves how some members of our management team come from both a venture capital background and many years in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. This background helps us to intuitively understand the mix of what it is to be in a hypergrowth mode as well as appreciate the stability of understanding processes and all the things that go into making the overall customer experience (CX) better.

What makes it easy to get a prospect interested in Altiam CX?

Getting prospects’ attention for Altiam CX really comes down to sharing the ease of doing business with us. Unlike larger providers, we look at contracts that go month to month, and we have minimal to no start up fees. Also, our geographic location for a nearshore operation is conveniently very close to the continental U.S. These details make it really easy to become an Altiam CX customer. When I talk to prospects and mention these advantages it makes it easy for us to get clients interested.

What really surprised you about Altiam CX and our services?

Speed and Flexibility.

The main thing that surprised me as someone who has been in the BPO industry for 27 years is the speed at which we get things done. Altiam CX can get a program up and running in under two weeks. We're also very flexible and don't necessarily have to have all the processes defined to get going. We work with our partners to help them define recruiting strategies, operational processes, and anything else of that nature to get things done quickly and operational as fast as possible.

So what kind of problems do we solve for our clients?

The problems we help solve span all areas… from general CX and understanding customer service to helping companies to be able to delight their customers. We also find solutions for challenges across many areas of operations, from accounting and collection processes to marketing, sales, and support, as well as lead generation services. For some clients, we are solving problems and providing expertise in multiple areas at the same time.

So what is it about Altiam CX that you think everyone should know?

Our culture truly makes the difference for clients.

At the end of the day the secret to our success here is the culture. We have our own little high-performing microcosm of people from Altia Smart City. We have not only the large contact center and services ecosystem, but there's a shopping mall and healthcare services, as well as two universities. That provides a culture of people that are really committed to our clients’ brands and our partners and work together to get anything done.

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