Recruiting and Nurturing Top Nearshore Talent

Jeanne Vest

Vice President of Marketing
, Altiam CX
December 29, 2023
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In a recent interview, Lucia Artica, Head of Recruitment at Altiam CX, offered invaluable insights into the company's approach to talent acquisition and the evolving landscape of recruitment. Artica's fervent passion for recruitment was palpable as she delved into integral aspects of her role, the changing nature of recruiting for nearshore outsourced positions, and Altiam CX's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Crafting a Compelling Recruitment Experience

Artica emphasized her dedication to ensuring Altiam CX recruiting is always connecting with diverse talents while simultaneously making meaningful contributions to the individual career growth of every hired candidate, as well as always staying attuned to overall organizational development. A key aspect of her focus in attracting superlative candidates is on crafting compelling job descriptions and leveraging innovative recruitment channels to ensure a seamless, positive experience for everyone being considered. Moreover, she highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts with hiring managers and the alignment of recruitment strategies with the company's objectives.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

One surprising aspect that Artica emphasized was Altiam CX's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. This dedication, coupled with a genuine desire to provide a positive and engaging candidate experience, distinguishes the company as an employer of choice. By instilling every candidate with the genuine desire to become a valued member of Altiam CX, the company sets itself apart in the competitive landscape of talent acquisition.

Meeting the Changing Demands of the Business Landscape

Artica shed light on the recent changes she has seen in in client candidate preferences, which reflect a growing focus on adaptability, digital literacy, and strong interpersonal skills. Moreover, clients increasingly value diversity and inclusion, prioritizing these factors in candidate selection to meet modern workforce expectations. Altiam CX's most significant recruiting advantage lies in its unwavering commitment to cultivating a positive and inclusive workplace culture, which ultimately attracts top talent seeking a fulfilling and progressive career trajectory.

A City of Innovation and Collaboration

The location of Altiam CX in the safe, sustainable campus created by Altia Smart City plays a crucial role in enhancing recruitment success. Artica emphasized that the convenient workplace location in Altia Smart City gives every employee highly coveted access to a vibrant community, cutting-edge technology, and a collaborative environment. These attributes serve as a magnet to attract top talent seeking to join an innovative and dynamic workplace, ultimately boosting the caliber of professionals joining the team.

Evolution of Recruitment Strategies

Artica highlighted the evolution of Altiam CX's hiring and recruitment strategies, which align with industry trends. The company has adapted to the heightened emphasis on remote work opportunities, improvement in virtual interviewing processes, and strengthened the focus on upskilling and reskilling initiatives. These transformations reflect Altiam CX's commitment to meeting the dynamic demands of the industry while ensuring a forward-thinking and agile workforce. Embodied in Altiam CX’s approach to hiring is the intention that employee opportunities for growth and advancement will continue to appear as the company and sister companies under the Altiam Global umbrella continue to expand.

Summing Up the Altiam CX Edge

Artica painted a compelling picture of Altiam CX's recruitment strategy, showcasing the company's unwavering commitment to nurturing top talent and its strategic embrace of diversity and inclusion. The emphasis on aligning recruitment strategies with industry trends and providing a positive and engaging candidate experience solidifies Altiam CX's position as a leader in talent acquisition. The company's collaborative mindset, diverse skill sets, and adaptability to change serve as key pillars contributing to its overall success. As Altiam CX continues to evolve its recruitment strategies and adapt to the changing demands of the business landscape, it stands poised to attract and retain top talent, driving the company's growth and success in the dynamic and competitive global space.

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