Quality Communication Is Key to Great Client Relationships

Marcela Rodriguez

Director of Client Success
, Altiam CX
December 5, 2023
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A Conversation with Marcela Rodriguez, Director of Client Success, Altiam CX

This conversation with Marcela Rodriguez, Director of Client Success, examines Altiam CX’s unique approach to client relations, grounded in great communication, availability, and connection. Marcela discusses the importance of alignment and constant interaction to make certain clients’ challenges and goals are always guiding performance and any needed changes indirection. Read below to learn about how Altiam CX makes our clients’ problems our own as we create a new model for nearshore team extension and CX predicated on always improving clients’ business success.

Tell me what a typical client interaction is like? How often do they occur?

A optimal client interaction involves open communication during our regular check-ins. We also have regular strategy sessions with clients where we collaborate with each other. One of our main priorities is staying connected, with interactions that can occur on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. It really depends on clients’ preferences and their project timelines. We want to make sure to always be available; even if we don't have a scheduled call, we're just a phone call away. We're always going to be there to respond to inquiries and address their needs in a timely manner.

What does Altiam CX do that is different from our competitors?

What sets Altiam CX apart is our commitment to a holistic approach. We not only provide top notch technology, but we also prioritize understanding and addressing the unique challenges of each of our clients. Our focus on innovation and client-centric solutions differentiates us from the competition.

What do clients consistently say about Altiam CX?

Clients consistently applaud the team at Altiam CX for how we approach serving them. Three main things that we have received very positive feedback about in the past are (1) responsiveness, (2) innovative solutions, and (3) an unwavering commitment to their success. The personal touch we bring to every interaction stands out and resonates in a very positive manner with our clients.

Are there any ways that your interactions with clients have recently changed?

Recently, our interactions with our clients have taken on a whole new depth of connection. We have improved communication in various ways. One of those is by implementing new platforms and adjusting or adapting to each of our clients’ needs--some of them contact me via text message, some via call or instant messaging. Whatever their preference we want to be there for them. That resonates with our clients and demonstrates that we are there to celebrate their successes and weather challenges together.

It's a beautiful thing to witness the blossoming of these relationships, even sometimes beyond the professional realm. Moments like these remind us of the importance of effective communication and the impact that it has on their growth as a company. At the end of the day, we're more than just business partners; we want to accompany them in their journey towards success. That's what makes our work incredibly meaningful.

What goes into creating success for Altiam CX clients?

Creating success for Altiam CX clients is a combination of a lot of things. It's a perfect blend of personalized solutions, paired with cutting edge technology. The most important part is having a very dedicated team to carry that vision and execute all of those plans we have created together.

We take a lot of pride in tailoring our approach and making sure it aligns with our clients’ unique goals and needs. The end goal is always going to be fostering lasting relationships and partnerships as well as being able to celebrate milestones with our clients.

What is most meaningful about your job?

As Director of Client Relations, I find that the most meaningful part of my job is being there to witness the tangible impact that Altiam CX has on each of our clients’ success stories, whether resolving challenges together, achieving a significant milestone, or knowing that our efforts contribute to their growth and success. The satisfaction that it brings is an immense joy and provides a strong sense of fulfillment, because we have achieved our main goal.

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