Matching CX Operations to What Clients Really Want

Ryan Bartholomew

Director of Operations
, Altiam CX
February 21, 2024
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Getting to the heart of how Altiam CX serves clients is the subject of a conversation with Ryan Bartholomew, Director of Operations. Bartholomew shares what he has learned about clients who are looking for a different approach to CX and how they appreciate the advantages of using a BPO company that puts clients and their goals first.

How Altiam CX is different from other CX providers

Finding a very good fit between staff and the clients they serve is a preeminent goal at Altiam CX. In every client engagement, the company makes certain to tailor support to each client’s unique needs. From the first onboarding conversation Altiam CX works to understand both the requirements of the job and the personality of candidates who are the best fit for their culture. If necessary, staff will offer our expertise to help define a hiring profile when a role is not well defined up front. Post-hire, we engage our operations and recruiting team in a regular feedback loop with every employee to continuously refine our understanding of the profile and have conversations through the lifecycle of the account to continuously refine the skills that are the most helpful as well as adjust to the personality types that have proven to be the best fit for the roles.  

The operational advantages of Altiam CX

Altiam CX focuses on refining both the customer experience and the scope of support we offer our clients and their customers. We are not focused on making processes or people fit in a certain box to match a standard “cookie cutter” experience that we have already created. We work hand in hand with our clients to innovate and create an experience they envision for their customers that also supports their business goals and desired outcomes.

What surprises prospective clients about working with Altiam CX

In many cases Altiam CX clients have expressed their appreciation that we engage with the same focus and support for accounts that have 1-5 support roles as we do for accounts with 100+. In many cases when working with other CX and BPO partners, these small and medium-sized clients have not felt the dedication to support and collaboration that their counterparts with larger organizations receive. Our motivation is always client success and business growth, regardless of engagement size.

How Altiam CX can do what other BPOs struggle with

Many BPO companies have carved out narrow support roles and industry verticals they can support. Altiam CX leans on the industry experience of our leadership team and the larger scope of our parent company, Altiam Global, to analyze and explore solutions that enable us to support a variety of roles and industries. We have the resources and mastery to provide services that other similar size BPOs aren´t set up to provide.  

What is most inspiring about Altiam CX

Ryan Bartholomew is inspired by his team’s excitement about achieving great things for clients and for their commitment to the teamwork necessary for finding solutions to all problems big or small. He offers that it’s great motivation to work with leaders and teams that are not held back by skeptical hesitation that some problems are just unsolvable.

The change in providing CX now

In today’s CX business environment, there are so many options from the push to self-service to automated response types and IVRs that seem to always circle back to keeping customers from reaching someone who can understand their situation. When Bartholomew started, nearly any simple problem also had the touch of a person supporting the resolution. Now those people that speak to a customer also need to expect that these customers have experienced untold cycles of frustration just to get through. That means everyone in a support position will need to have solid emotional intelligence mixed with higher levels of technical understanding to excel in their roles. Being skilled at defusing customer resentment and changing it to a positive emotion has never been more important.

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