How Is AI Changing CX?

Bernie Lillis

Senior Vice President, Sales
, Altiam CX
January 30, 2024
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A conversation with Scott Smith, Senior VP Sales, Altiam CX

Having recently joined Altiam CX in Sales, Scott Smith brings significant industry experience and a fundamental level of understanding to help clients navigate our changing technology environment. The CX industry is turning towards AI in a major way to improve customer experiences and resolution, as well as financial outcomes and performance. Scott answered these questions as part of our efforts to introduce him to the Altiam CX family, our clients, and prospects.

As a CX industry veteran, what do you think are the most significant trends organizations face today?

Everyone is thinking about AI and how to deploy it. The big question is how to do it cost effectively and without alienating your customers. We're learning that most consumers actually don't mind interacting with automated tools. The exchange becomes an issue if they have an experience where they're not getting their problem resolved quickly, and it is likely they will get frustrated very quickly. Then it becomes a negative situation where customers are kind of resentful toward the company for forcing them to talk to a robot. So that's really the risk--if you don't get it right, if you're not actually deploying the technology in a way that is meaningful and sensitive to how your customers want to interact with you, you have the potential to cause frustration and alienation.:

What are you hearing from clients about how AI and automation is changing the way they do business?

A lot of people think AI simply means using chat bots. And this is an immediate turnoff for many customers. Generative AI is a way to transform how companies engage with their customers. When done right, it will have a positive impact and increase business. Other benefits can include increased efficiency, reduced cost, and improved customer experience. One of the big advantages is the efficiency gain, both for customers as well as for businesses. And this is really the golden opportunity that companies have, to not only reduce costs, but also generate higher levels of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

What outcomes can you now make possible for clients at Altiam CX?

We can deploy generative AI solutions for clients in as little as eight weeks with virtually no startup costs. What this means is companies can commit to starting a project and see real ROI outcomes within the same quarter.

How is Altiam CX uniquely positioned to help companies take advantage of AI in the CX space?

Altiam CX has a powerhouse team of CX technology experts, as well as best-in-class operators and a nearshore cost savings advantage. We help our clients deploy generative AI solutions in incremental steps with the right human powered teams as a backstop. And we can do this within a transactional pricing model, so that there's essentially no upfront costs and virtually no risk.

What are you most excited about at Altiam CX?

Altiam CX is a nimble services company with the CX expertise that's needed right now. Altiam CX is at the forefront of where our industry is going. There has never been a more dynamic time in the CX world, with immense opportunities for positive change. At Altiam CX we have the technology, expertise, operational capability, and customer focus to be a transformative CX partner.

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