Five Ways That CX for Startups Is Different

Winston Waters II

Vice President, Sales & Strategy
, Altiam CX
December 12, 2023
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This conversation with Winston Waters III, Altiam CX Vice President, Sales & Strategy, examines the unique CX needs of many emerging startups and what these companies need to look for in a BPO partner. Working with a partner that understands the needs of an early-stage business and is comfortable with an incubator environment means that the conditions for growth are easier to achieve. Read below to learn more about what is involved in an ideal support and team extension environment for startups.

As an emerging startup, success means you will eventually be looking for the perfect BPO partner to support your growing customer service and/or team staffing needs. Companies in this space often need a service provider that has extensive experience in their industry, understands the specific position they inhabit in the company creation lifecycle, and has organized itself to meet the unique requirements of a startup organization. Here are some important lessons to be absorbed about this special segment of the CX and team extension customer base.

How Startups Differ from Other Organizations in Their Customer Experience Requirements

1.      A “Technology First, People Second” Mindset

Startups, often led by engineers, inventors, or software product people, quite often initially prioritize technology as a CX solution. However, as they encounter challenges, they realize the importance of scaling their support operations with the right BPO partner that has more experience in the important people-driven side of helping customers.

2.      Team Growth Challenges

Another common challenge for startups is managing a growing team effectively while maintaining the high standards necessary for success. Startups need a scalable people solution that will allow them to focus on their core competencies and grow at their desired pace.

Many startups today are operating remote-first, hybrid teams – while they want to continue to build teams in the cities they originate in (like SF, NY, LA), they also want to complement that core with additional teammates in Latin America. Most of our agents are new additions to teams – they complement and operate as fully integrated members of the client organization.

3.      Need for Flexibility

Flexibility is a critical factor for startups, and this focus must extend beyond contracts. Features like an easy-out 30-day break clause and the possibility of acting in the role of an incubator can provide the much-needed flexibility that many startups crave.

Young companies always need more administrative support. They benefit a lot from a CX partner who can lighten their load – by developing workflows and standard operating procedures on their behalf, at no cost.

4.      Adaptability

In the uncertain environment in which many startups operate, the ability to discontinue services or even change directions resonates strongly. Not being locked into a rigid service relationship has a big appeal. Clients appreciate having a CX partner with the freedom to adapt and pivot as needed.

5.      Need for Easy Access to Talent

Hiring significant numbers of people requires a skilled human resources organization, which takes time to build. It’s no wonder that the strong focus on ensuring a continuous flow of talent in the Altia Smart City venture has attracted universities committed to developing students’ skills and companies eager to add high-quality talent.

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